Battery - Energy Storage

High Quality and High Reliability battery cells from Sony.  


Battery Energy is

400 Watt-hour,

providing a Range of about 36 miles for each charge.

Long Battery Life:

-  about 8 years,

-  or 800 charge cycles,

-  or about 20,000 Miles.



FeiGe eBike full side view.jpg

Friendly to Environment

Riding 56 miles per week with an eBike will cost about $0.10 (ten cents) of Electrical Energy.


Compared with about $5.00 of Gasoline to power a car for 56 miles


Electric Motor Assist

Reliable 350 Watt motor, allows you Variable Assistance for climbing hills or reducing the pedal effort on flat areas.  


Your can choose the level of power assist you need, while you are riding.   


The eBike also has 7-speed Shimano gears, so you can also use human pedal power.